Niketha Grubbs



An Army Veteran who served our country with loyalty and compassion. She is a former Beauty Queen gone soldier. With a vast knowledge of setting up, operating, maintaining, and restoring any signal support communication device. She is also, a two-time published author, telling her captivating story to bring hope to others. She is a business entrepreneur, an Advocate for the community, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. She is the founder and owner of Vessel ByGrace, LLC., which she loves because she has a heart for the people. Niketha, is the second oldest daughter of Willie Grubbs and Juanita Anderson, She is the proud mother of two wonderful, gorgeous daughters, and the grandmother of 2 outstanding grandchildren. Her passion is serving the Lord as an Evangelist and Teacher of the Gospel of Jesus. She is a choir director and has served as Minister of Music. She loves helping those who are usually overlooked by society. She is currently enrolled at Huntsville Bible College with a major in Evangelism and Missionary work. Her educational background began at Northwest Shoals Community College and Grambling State University where she received Performing Arts scholarships. She also attended The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL, and The University of North Alabama in Florence, AL, mastering the subject of Music with a concentration in Accounting. She also graduated receiving her license in Cosmetology. Other background includes Business Administration, Counseling, and Signal Support Specialist. Her hobbies are just having good clean fun, singing, swimming, football, spending time with her family, and listening to music. However, with all these accomplishments, she states, “as Paul said, ‘I count my accomplishments as dung, that I may win Christ. ‘” (Philippians 3:8) Also, as Paul stated, “I am who I am by the grace of God” (1 Corinthians 25:10). All Glory to the Most High God.