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Nicole Harvick is a Quantum Energy Healer who believes all healing must start with forgiveness. The modalities she uses in her healing practice include Reiki, Sound Therapy, Cellular Memory Healing, and mild Hypnosis She is also a Forgiveness Expert and Spiritual Wisdom Mentor. She has the ability to pinpoint stuck energies from ancestral and childhood trauma. She uses Ho’oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice to release negative emotions from the body.

By age 12, Nicole was keenly aware of her intuitive senses and her ability to communicate with the spirit world.

In 2010, she began to reach a deeper understanding of the spirits and how they operate. She discovered that spirits sense things the same way that humans do. And, that they move towards those with the gift of mediumship. They communicate with those with open minds who accept and believe in their world and move toward those who are not afraid of them. It was at this time that she began to communicate with the spirit world on a regular basis.

In the fall of 2014, Nicole was planning a visit to the island of Hawaii. Before she left for her trip, her guides told her to “feed the stray.” She had no idea where to find this stray, they wanted her to make an offering to. She kept her intuition high and continuously looked and listened for insight as to what stray she was to make the offering to.

It was on a day hike to the Kilauea volcano that she was told to give an offering to the island, which she did. After a mile or so she heard a rustling in the foliage. It was a hungry and hobbled bird. Her daughter reached down with some food and the bird ate out of her daughter’s hand. That was the stray her guides had been speaking to her about.

After Nicole left the island, she kept hearing the word Ho’oponopono. She’d never heard of it before but after it continued to creep into her consciousness, she felt the need to dig deeper into this ancient Hawaiian healing prayer and try it for herself.

Ho’oponopono had such a healing and transformational impact on her that she incorporated it into her integrative healing modalities. Nicole brings this divine gift to the world of healing. As an accomplished Integrated Energy Healer, Nicole starts with the premise that all healing should start with forgiveness and honors that "God Resides Inside". ™️Nicole’s mission was to make Forgiveness tangible which she did by creating a line of Ho’oponopono products that are trademarked, including bracelets, oils, and candles to assist people in their forgiveness.

She is also an author whose books include “Boy on a Swing” “The gift of Forgiveness” from the Unstoppable, “The Alchemy of Forgiveness” from the book “The lemonade Stand 2” and “What are my 5 Love Highlights” from the book “1% More”

Nicole is also a notable speaker on the topic of Forgiveness and Self Love.

Her goal is to touch as many lives as possible by helping people understand what they desire and need to help them walk their path with emotional freedom and grace.

And remember,

Forgiveness is always for you!!