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Mylira Green, LCSW, CCTP



As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mylira serves as a mental health consultant/expert, clinical supervisor for supervisees in social work, Confidence Coach, Master Healer, and transformative speaker. Mylira is fiercely committed to guiding individuals of influence to become unstuck and motivated to reach their goals while owning their God-given gifts confidently.

Mylira Green has been a social worker for the past eight years. She received her bachelor’s in science in Social Work from Norfolk State University, focused on Generalist Practice in December 2013. Mylira completed her master’s in social work with a Clinical Concentration in Children and Families in August 2015. She is presently working on her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership at Regent University to change the fabric of mental health facilities worldwide and completing an ICF Coaching Certification Program at Virginia Bible College.

Mylira has experience working in Foster Care, Community Direct Support, Corrections, Substance Abuse, Youth Experiencing Psychosis, Youth with Severe Depression Dealing with Suicidal Ideations, Women with Women’s Issues (i.e., infant loss and death and/or sexual abuse and assault), Couples having Marital Problems, and Military Personnel and their families who struggle with trauma-related issues. Mylira is currently working on her certification for Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a Certified Complex Trauma Professional and functions as a full clinician to conduct the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach and Community Reinforcement Approach for treating substance use disorders. Mylira is passionate about serving as the bridge between the caterpillar and the butterfly for all she serves. Mylira obtained her license to practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Virginia on April 15, 2019, and completed her requirements to be an approved state board supervisor on April 23 and 24, 2021. She has self-published two books entitled, “The Art of Just Being Me: An Interactive Guide to Finding the Courage to Just Be You” and “Free Thyself: A Guide of Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault” and participated in the Speak Out Survivor and Why My Mom Anthologies.

Mylira is currently focused on providing consultation to start-up and growing mental health facilities to create a solid foundation resulting in a transformation in the lives of those they serve., coaching sessions to create a safe environment encouraging brilliant minds who struggle to fit in to reach their highest level of self-esteem, conducting healing sessions to help people of God become more focused while stepping into their purpose, engaging couples in in-depth conversations to gain the confidence needed to make it last forever, and facilitating training/keynote speeches on the role of trauma and mental health in our society to promote professionalism and the importance of self-care in our daily lives and the workplace.

You can find Mylira on the Mogul TV Global Network, where she serves as the co-host of the amazing show Curves, Curls, and Crowns with Dana Watson and Katrina Willis. This talk show was created by black women, for black women and women of color who want to see and hear more of our experiences and wants while we explore what we love and how we love it. Mylira is also a co-facilitator of The Culture Podcast of The Floor is Yours Podcast, LLC platform, with her amazing husband, every other Wednesday. They strive to open up the door to the houses in the African American community to promote healing and transformation within our neighborhoods and beyond.

Mylira's ultimate goal is to strive to close the gap between someone's current reality and where she ultimately desires to be in her lifetime. Thank you for investing your time to get to know our founder a little better!! Let's transform together!