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Who is Ira Bowman?

Ira is a happily married father of eight children who believes in the Bible and who has placed his personal faith in Jesus Christ. Because everyone was created for a purpose, Ira is doing his best to fulfil the great commission while living a God honoring life. Ira is proud to have two of his children in Bible Colleges and is trying his best to lead his family and community by example. Ira would love to be a Deacon one day, and has served his local church in many different capacities over the years.

Professionally Ira runs a media business that focuses on increasing his clients visibility online. Ira Bowman has held many sales and marketing positions over his career, but is currently focused mainly on SEO and Social Media efforts to promote organic website traffic as those are the two major superhighways of the online community. Ira is a marketing and sales expert, algorithm student, professional photographer, graphics designer, website builder, philanthropy owner, Search Engine Optimization content writer, TEDx speaker, published author and holds a Press Credential.

Ira Bowman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University where he graduated with a 3.916 GPA in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Business and Religion. This says a lot about who Ira is, as he has many interests, and he strives to do things with excellence.

Over his 25-year career to date, Ira has worked in the restaurant, e-commerce, print, and marketing industries. The majority of Ira’s career has been spent in a sales role in the print and graphics industry helping small and medium-size businesses gain market share and increase sales. Since June of 2020, with the launch of Ira’s business, Bowman Digital Media, Ira has focused on helping increase visibility for his clients on social media and increasing website traffic. The internet has become the main source of commerce and visibility is important to increase sales.

Ira is always looking to build his network relationships, and thankful for connecting with so many social media with a network of over 500,000 and counting. Ira tries to add value to all who have connected and or followed him on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media platforms. You can find Ira all over social media here: https://sociatap.com/irabowman/

About Bowman Digital Media: This is a family business! Ira runs the business along with his wife Alicia and one of the staff is Ira and Alicia's daughter Marlena. The family business has a handful of other staff that serve in a variety of roles. We’re here to help SMB (Small and Medium Size Businesses) build and engage their digital audience. Most people are looking for more website traffic but don't know how to generate it. We take this task on, so you can focus on running your business. Ultimately we help build your sales by design. How? We are a social media management firm with graphic design, photography, video, press release and blog writing services. We even create websites for new business owners when needed.

How does Ira help jobseekers? He helps those looking for jobs, and connect with employers and recruiters on my philanthropy website, ProjectHelpYouGrow.com for free. The service works worldwide and was launched in 2018. We have had hundreds of thousands of visitors on the website since it launched and our business page Grown a large following on LinkedIn with over 25,000 followers too. Learn more about this free service here: ProjectHelpYouGrow.

What does Ira do for fun? See Photos from Ira Bowman on his Photography Website and reach out if you have any photography related questions as this is one of Ira's favorite hobbies. Ira spends free time taking photos, creating graphics and editing videos.