Bart Rademaker, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive & Regenerative Surgeon, Board Certified

#1 Best Selling Author, 52 Week Success Plan, International Speaker

Host Prescription For Your Transformation Radio Show

Social Media Platform: #realpeople #realconversations #realsuccess

Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize for Humanitarian work

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Dr. Bart Rademaker

Dutch-born and currently living in the United States, Dr. Rademaker has extensive medical training and is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is a major advocate for wellness and complementary alternative medicine, trained in integrated energy healing, an ambassador for autologous stem cell therapy, and a thought leader in belief medicine. He states “the future of medicine is in you” and you can tap into that intelligence that creates health and wellness. His conversation includes our brain intelligence, our body intelligence, and our energy intelligence.

As a humanitarian, and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for work in El Salvador, he believes that we must also preserve and respect the indigenous cultures worldwide – for their wisdom and rights to live their own way.

There are many giants in this world and we can learn from them. Dr. Rademaker’s vision and purpose are to share this intelligence as best as he can using different platforms including this book “52 weeks success plan” and inviting as many others to be part of the conversation. Dr. Rademaker is an emerging leader to bring out the conversation we all must have to be generative in support to our personal well-being and that of the entire world.

Dr. Rademaker’s various platforms:

  • Tap into your own authentic genius and live the life you desire.

  • Make wellness a must and accessible to all

  • The future of medicine is in you – tap into the brain intelligence, the body intelligence, and the energy intelligence that is around you

  • Real people and real conversations – let us learn from all the voices so that we may discover our true identity and independence and live in a generative world together.