What is the "Ripple Effect" of you Mindset?

There's never been a coach quite like Brian, and although he offers numerous resources, there's nothing quite like having him personally assist you through the changes you need to make in order to reach your full potential!

Relationships, (Business/Personal) Sex, & Intimacy for over 15 years

Business Coach & Strategist for over 20 years

Public Adjuster "property damage claims" taught and practiced for over 10 years

Crypto & Blockchain educator for over 7 years

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Brian enjoys serving:

- anyone who is struggling to find their purpose in life

- all who feel like they are never quite on top and always struggling to get ahead

- all who desire financial freedom to turn their ideas into cash flow

- men who want to become the man of their wife's dreams

- women who want to keep their man honest, and he shares tips on masculine communication

-couples who want to find ways to communicate more often and more clearly

-couples who want to find solutions to their sex life and intimacy struggles

Here's more of Brian's story...

If you feel a little frustrated by life, or wonder who you are and why you are here... You're not alone! Most people struggle with knowing who they are, why they are here, and how to get to where they want to be! Brian has been through some of the darkest things possible to live through... and

You see... "True success isn't luck. It's your decision & commitment" -Brian Strubhar

Brian assists people who are sick of living a vicious cycle and are ready to leave their past behind.

Brian can assist you in turning your "concepts into cash flow", and creating your very own "success stairway" to living your dreams!

Keep in mind, that you have to be all in for Brian to be able to help you make lasting change!

Brian has such a unique and genuine way of sharing this type of experience and knowledge, to really help you be your best self, and to truly remove your lense of past doubt and failures, while you embrace who you are at your core!

Are you ready to explore your own DNA blueprint, and what you were created to be?

When you're ready, let Brian help you explore your passions, dreams, and personal desires, and then create a step-by-step plan to make it your reality... you see, Brian can't do it all for you because he didn't create you, but together, he can help you create your dream future!

If you are truly ready for change, then it's time to give him a call on Owwll!

Now, lets get to know a little more about Brian, and why you should connect with him!

Brian Strubhar is an amazing author, speaker, trainer, business strategist, relationship coach, public adjuster, and friend. If you don't know him, you should. We will share more about Brian in a second... Are you looking for Best Construction, Funtoon Memories, Relationship help, or one of the Clubs Brian hosts online?

Now we're going to share more about Brian, who he is, and what he is currently up to. Brian was born and raised in N. Idaho and was taught to hunt and fish at a very young age. Brian has 9 siblings, 4 brothers, and 5 sisters. Brian became an entrepreneur at the age of 6 when he started mowing lawns and had his very own equipment by the age of 10. Brian is one who isn't afraid to try something new. He worked for a family friend doing landscaping, as well as uncles who taught him how to farm and clean grass seed. Brian grew up beside a cattle ranch in N. Idaho and learned how to respect the animals and their strength, as well as mend fences, and work hard. Brian was often referred to as the hardest-working individual around.

When Brian turned 18, he tried his hand at network marketing and quickly broke numerous company records. His work ethic and dedication to learning made him unstoppable. Brian helped several other network marketing companies launch, and quickly became a leader in the profession. Brian's greatest accomplishment in the network marketing world was when he partnered with a public adjusting firm based in Philadelphia, and with his strong team-building skills and his leadership, he was able to help the company go from regional to national. Brian was able to personally recruit more than 800 representatives in less than 8 years and was the youngest EVP in the company which once again proved that hard work and dedication pay off.

Brian is a man of extreme intelligence and has very high morals and ethics, and quickly realized that his time with that public adjusting firm was over because he values his integrity over money and financial security. Brian is one you can depend on, and who always tries to do what is right, rather than easy. Brian went back to Coaching, Construction, Investing, and Fishing... yes, He even runs a fishing charter business.

Brian has since taken up writing, sharing some of the many experiences he's had in just the first 43 years of his life... His first book out was "The Ripple Effect Mindset". He went on to write "The Student Mindset", "Recycling Failures to Power Success", "True Emotional Nudity" and "Escaping Religion Prison". He's working on several others, and was a part of writing and publishing the A-Z Life manual. He is always sharing his life lessons in a very personal and applicable way.

You'll find that most of his books are written based on his own experiences, and those he's known and personally interviewed. Brian loves people, and definitely has a passion to see others happy and successful in life, business, and their relationships.

Brian even tried his hand at flying just before he met his stunning wife, and decided to marry her. They got married in May of 2003, and have 3 daughters. They currently reside in Ohio, although Brian was raised in N. Idaho. His wife Beth was raised just a few miles from where they currently live. Brian and his wife spent 14 years volunteering their time and talents with another marriage ministry and helped put on marriage events. They have since felt led to branch out on their own, and have their own relationship ministry.

As far as investing, Brian has dabbled in Stocks, Bonds, Forex, Crypto, and Blockchain. He's not yet sold on the value or usability of NFTs, but he is doing extremely well with his blockchain rewards and assists others who would like to get paid daily without going to their job.